With rising maintenance costs and shrinking budgets, service managers are being asked to do more with less every day. Their roles have also expanded beyond traditional maintenance and planning tasks to include more guest services. And these days, engineering directors & managers need to be flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing workforce.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Visual: Man bumping head on the tableDo you often find yourself digging through heaps of paperwork for service orders or job details?
  • Do you find yourself jumping between Microsoft™ Word™, Excel™ and 3M’s PostIT, all day long?
  • Do you find yourself keying in maintenance information several times – the same, exact information – into different applications or even into different sections of the same application?
  • Do your engineers and technicians often call in, or actually stop by the office, simply to retrieve important work order information?
  • Are you caught by surprise when inventory runs low, or worse — when one of your supplies runs out?
  • Is your dispatching system a “dinosaur”?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, then SAMFEX is here to eliminate these headaches.

The solution: Simplify your workflow – with SAMFEX.

A more efficient workflow means better service to guests and colleagues, and cash savings at the same time. Take your services to the next level, with accurate estimating, precise inventory tracking, complete control of purchasing and convenient scheduling.

Crucial for your service level is the ability to dispatch and schedule engineers with minimum effort and interruption. With SAMFEX that’s all at your fingertips.

Streamlining your operations adds another critical benefit: the results you see from enhancing communication between colleagues, mainly housekeeping and your engineers.